The Benefits of Corona | COVID-19

You know, Chill One Love is about bringing the world together with music, photography, videography, and art.

But right now we are all experiencing the pandemic called Corona | COVID-19. And because of that I (Quinten van Ommen) will start to write articles on the Chill One Love website which will spread peace and positivity. I was thinking about not doing it because it has nothing to do with music, photography, videography, and art. But it has to do with bringing the world together.

Before people get angry.

I understand that having corona is not something nice.

I hope you get well soon.

Now there is corona I see this beautiful change.

The change of that more and more people are going to experience that a lot of human made things are not as important as they thought before. That most things are just an illusion made by human beings.

A lot of people are now distracted by all the news. But now all the people who are not behind a screen all day are less distracted from life than before. People are experiencing life again. Real life, with that I mean. Life without human created illusions which some human beings normally label as ¨Very important¨.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions

Have a nice day :)

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