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How To Sell Beats Online Using Instagram - Producer Tips 2020

Before starting with the guide on how to sell beats on Instagram, remember always these words:

"Quality over quantity."

Before you start selling beats online you need to mix and master PROPERLY your beats. In order to amaze the artist, you need to bring your skills to the next level.

-> Click here to know more about mixing your beats.

-> Click here to know more about mastering your beats.

How to sell beats online - The power of Instagram

Selling beats requires hard work and understanding of the "system" of social network algorithms.

I think that a producer must also have good knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the constancy in keeping the profiles (he manages) active (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even... Pinterest!)

Each Social Network lends itself well to the sale of products. You have to think of beats as a Nike shoe or other famous brand products. How are they sold? With what Marketing techniques?

In order to be successful on Instagram you must learn to use the right hashtags.

To do this:

1) Identify the niche in which you want to focus on

2) Search the most popular tag and copy the "related"

3) Insert niche tags (less popular) to scale positions in the most popular tags

I want to focus on the 2nd and 3rd points.

2) Go to the "Search" section and write the most popular tag that represents your niche. At this point you will find the "Popular" and "Recent" section. Above these sections you will find the word "Related Tags", so copy all the related tags and paste them on the notepad!

This way you will have a wide range of hashtags at your disposal!

In the second step you need to identify 25 tags that you will use on your posts.

Always remember not to use only popular hashtags!

3) To climb positions for the most popular tag you must have a winning strategy or, if you don't have it, a lot of luck!

If you want your post to be the first to be displayed for a popular hashtag you must absolutely use this "hashtag strategy":

-> 5 "viral" hashtags (from 500k to 1M of post)

-> 10 "fairly popular" hashtags (100k to 500k posts)

-> 10 "niche" hashtags (from 5k to 100k posts)

Once you have chosen the right hashtags you need to understand the time you want to publish your posts.

This topic is of fundamental importance! Choosing the right time means choosing the exact moment when there is the most turnout on Instagram (and on your profile).

It is important to know when your followers are active on IG. To find out, you can visit the Instagram Analytics section and thoroughly study the period of greatest turnout!