Freedom in lockdown

An article to help you with getting more freedom in these times of corona COVID-19

Written by Quinten van Ommen (Founder Chill One Love)

The goal of Chill One Love is to bring the world together.

At the moment I am writing this the whole world is experiencing the pandemic called corona COVID-19. Because of this there are a lot of places in lockdown at this moment. But even in lockdown you can learn to get more freedom. Now you maybe think ¨how would we be able to get more freedom if we are not even allowed to get outside.¨ Let me explain it to you. A lot of people their freedom is taken away by their own mind. Because they are thinking constantly they are not experiencing reality anymore. And together with their thoughts they create fear. And because of fear they do not do a lot of things they would like to do. So let go of fear and experience total freedom.

¨Yes all nice and fun these sentences, but how do I get rid of my fear?¨

You have to understand that your fear is a self created illusion. And I know that if you understand that your fear is a self created illusion that it is still hard to get rid of your fear. To help you with that I would recommend you to still the mind. This you can do by for example meditating. If your mind is empty of thoughts you experience that their is no fear. So why would you bring fear back into your life again?

So train yourself to get rid of fear in this lockdown and experience total freedom.

Have a nice day.

Kind regards, Quinten van Ommen.

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And if you want to listen to some Chill Music during these corona times. Please consider taking a look at the Chill One Love YouTube channel.

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