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Collaboration Terms For Producers | By Meisterbeats

Welcome to the blog!

I am MeisterBeats and with this article I will specify terms and conditions in which the collaborations will take place.

If you came to this article on my invitation, you will have already received lots of compliments for the work you did on your beats and this is exactly why I want to reward you!

Chillonelove is a movement born from a need to collaborate to make a dream come true ... making music and take it to the next level!

Together with other collaborators we are creating a label that will allow us to get in touch with medium / high level artists so that we can get noticed as quickly as possible.

This article doesn't present the need to look for Rappers / Trappers but the exclusive need on the part of the producer (MeisterBeats) to find additional producers to create a large amount of instrumental beats (Trap / Rap / Hip Hop).

Collaborating on the creation of a beat (with Meisterbeats) you will have the opportunity to:

1) Get noticed on the channel with over 7k subscribers "Daily Music World" (publishing the beat in the form of "type beat")

2) Selling the beat on Beatstars (splitting profit 50/50) + Beatstars advertising basic package

3) Beat Placement with Medium / High level artists (splitting profits made with streaming platforms and song sales)

Contact Meisterbeats on Instagram (@meisterbeats) requesting additional informations on how to start the collab!