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Coffee and Good Mornings

It's been over two months since I released my song Coffee and Good Mornings, and people are still telling me how much they love it.

Though the title and tempo of the song may suggest a more cheerful vibe, the song is actually about feeling isolated, depressed, and deeply angry.

In high school and college, the experience of being greeted with "Good morning" very often perturbed me. I was not a happy kid, and I could not for the life of me understand why someone would be motivated to say "Good morning". To me, mornings were the worst part of the day. Most of the time I could not wait to go back to sleep and escape the world.

But every time someone in authority (usually a teacher) would say "Good morning" to me, I felt I had no choice but to repeat "Good morning". It was corrupting to my soul to say something I didn't believe. I hated how it made me feel. I hated the person who made me say it.

I think I remember telling my dad once about how much I hated the phrase "Good morning" and him finding it funny. I don't blame him, I'm sure it is funny to many people, but the fact that others found it funny just made me feel isolated. They didn't get it. They didn't understand my sadness and anger.

How does coffee play into it? Well, I noticed that many of these people who said "Good morning" to me were coffee-drinkers. Never having been a coffee-drinker myself, I surmised that coffee, with its stimulative qualities, gave these people some sort of edge over depressed people like me. I resented upbeat people in the morning, not only because they were happy and I was not, but because I felt their cheerfulness was, to a certain extent, manufactured by the coffee they drank. Therefore, I believed their cheerfulness was artificial, while my depressed state was the natural state of most humans in the morning. Because I value authenticity, I resented the contrived cheerfulness of some people in the morning, and I came to associate coffee with this negative experience.  

If you've ever been socially isolated or been reluctant to say "Good morning", you will relate to this track. You can check out the lyric video to the song here:

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